Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Interactive Mobile TV?

Interactive Mobile TV is what we call this new category of entertainment. An experience where YOU, the audience member, is weaved into the story. It uses your identity – your photos, your friends, your name – to make you a character and your choices influence the way the story unfolds.


How does CineApp work?

CineApp works in two ways:


Why did you come up with CineApp?

With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, people en masse are consuming stories on their interactive devices, which are perfectly positioned to deliver on the growing trend of bringing storytelling and gameplay together. We saw this as an opportunity to bring, what we’re calling, Interactive Mobile TV to life through CineApp, a first-of-its-kind interactive and personalized TV platform.


When will Voyeur be available?

The pilot version will be available this Halloween only on CineApp.


 What is the difference between CineApp and Voyeur?

CineApp is the platform and technology that make interactive and personalized stories possible, while Voyeur is the first original series to be developed on the CineApp platform.


What operating systems is CineApp compatible with?

CineApp is available for Android devices through the Google Play store., the authoring and producing tool for writers and filmmakers, is available through all major web browsers.


Who funds CineApp?

CineApp is funded in part by the Canadian Media Fund and private investors.